Dienstag, 11. August 2009

The first Days

08th of August :

Arrived around half past 10pm. After i startet the jurney at 8 o clock in the morning. Flew from Stuttgart to Frankfurt/m., from there to Jeddah and then to Khartoum. Nobody from rotations office arround, what a surprise ;-)
Mainolf met us and we took a taxi to the Hotel.

09th of August:
Startet with check in procedure with the great support from Anne from Norway, shes Chief of Rotation. So it took us only half day to get everything done.

10th of August:

Started with Induction Taining. Must be done even we heard allready most of the things.
Had some meetings with the Chief of human recourses. Looks like no German can stay in Khartoum, thats bad.
We got an email from Berlin, our baggage just got sent by dhl, so it takes for sure a week untill i get my other clothes, food, and all the other important goods, thats bad as well.

11th of august:

Continued with induction training, its so boring !!!
We tried to get Klaus a postion in Khartoum and we almost been succesful. I got a position in Wau, its far in the south and no German havent been there before.
I ask for permition, but Berlin denied, because its not allowed to go by myself to Wau. New negotiations startet with chief of HR. End of the day, both Germans are going to Wau, after the training. As soon as the third german is in the mission, klaus will go back to khartoum and i will keep staying in wau. So far so good !!!

The pics are just some expressions from Khartoum. Its not easy to take pics here, its strictly forbidden.

Me on the top of the hotel


Wau, just in the middle of nothing.

Hotelfront,nice to sit here, unfortunalty without alcohol :-(

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